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Hello coffee lover!

Discover the world of coffee like never before with our exclusive Good Brews Coffee Club.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can join our elite coffee community and experience benefits not available in any other coffee club.

We are a private club with a difference - we giveaway coffee and other prizes!

Here are some of the unique benefits you can enjoy...

Win Free Coffee Every Month!

  • As a Good Brews Club member you will have exclusive access to our monthly coffee givewaway. This is ONLY available to members
  • Every month you have a chance to win a pack of free coffee
  • The coffee we offer on our giveaway is delicious, high quality and from excellent roasters. You can win coffee valued up to $50 (or more in some cases). This will more than compensate your subscription.
  • You can win ground coffee, coffee beans, or coffee pods depending on what's offered at the time.
  • Occasionally, you can choose the coffee you win in the giveaway
  • OH..and shipping is FREE too!

Win a Free Manual Coffee Maker!

  • You can win a free manual coffee maker. 
  • You could win a French Press, V60 pour over, an Aeropress, Chemex or Cold Brew coffee maker. 
  • This members-only giveaway takes place at least once a year.

Win Free Coffee Accessories

  • You can win brewing accessories and gadgets such as a milk frother, milk jug, coffee scale, coffee thermometer, coffee storage, and more.
  • These accessories can help improve your coffee making at home, makes coffee making more professional and hopefully a little easier. 
  • This members-only giveaway takes place at least once a year.

Win An Amazon Gift Card 

You can win an Amazon Gift Card to buy whatever you want. 
This giveaway takes place at various times throughout the year and the gift card will be valued from $10 to $100.

Your Good Brews Club aims to give you a rewarding and fun experience.

More Chances to Win Online Competitions

You get at least 3 entries into any public competition or giveaway on GoodCoffeePlace
This means you have 3 x more chances of winning a competition compared with a non-member. 

Exclusive Discounts and Coupons

  • You will receive discounts up to 20% (sometimes even more) on coffee beans, coffee makers and many other items with our valued partners. 
  • For example, EpicQuips offers you a 20% discount on any item in store such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, and wall art. EpicQuips have some great designs for coffee lovers but you can also personalize and customize most items in store.
  • Access to discounts or special offers on products or services such as coffee workshops, coffee classes, coffee tastings, and Specialty Coffee Association meetings. 

Good Brews Newsletter

  • You will receive our Good Brews email Newsletter
  • Our newsletter entertains, informs, and educates - just like our website! 
  • Our newsletter includes actionable tips, advice, stories, and resources to help you make better coffee or just have an enjoyable read.

And More Benefits to Come...

  • The Good Brews Club is growing steadily and this is only the beginning
  • There will be other benefits in the future
  • Be a member and reap the potential future rewards

Join Now For The Price of a Cup of Coffee...

If you are a coffee lover and also love bargains, then our Coffee Club is the perfect fit for you!

For only $10 per month (less than the price of a cup of coffee per week) you get access to all the rewards of the Good Brews Club...

  • Win FREE coffee beans, coffee grounds, or pods every month
  • Win a FREE coffee maker every year
  • Win FREE coffee accessories every year
  • Win an Amazon Gift Card valued from $10 to $100 throughout the year
  • Get extra entries into any GoodCoffeePlace public competition or giveaway
  • Get exclusive discounts and coupons
  • Receive the Good Brews Newsletter with news, tips, and offers
  • Receive best coffee recommendations
  • Get your BONUS coffee book absolutely free (see below)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in your favorite drink, save money, keep up to date, and win prizes in the best coffee club around!

What Some Of Our Winners Say...

Hi Steve, Thank you so much for my win! I really enjoy your newsletter and website. Good Coffee Place is the best coffee place. I learn so much about everything coffee related. My favorite drink! Cheers and enjoy your cuppa too!


Winner of November 2022 Gift Card

Thank you!! I’m a huge coffee drinker, and I am ecstatic about the win! I love how easy you make it to participate in the giveaway! Can’t believe I really won! Thanks again!


Winner of the September 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Thank you so much! I love my coffee beans and I’m so excited to have gotten the chance to win this giveaway!
Good Coffee place has so many great articles for learning and for making the best coffee. It’s also a good chance to try out some new coffee brands! I can’t believe I won, thanks again!


Winner of March 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Thanks! Love the coffee giveaway promotion! and your website 🙂


Winner of April 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Thank you! I am excited to try this coffee.


Winner of July 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Excited to hear I have won!!!! Yay.


Winner of August 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Bonus Free Gift...

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The 160-page illustrated has over 200 step by step, hot and cold, coffee recipes you can prepare at home using ingredients you already have.

Make Delicious Coffee-Based Drinks Right From Home Using Ingredients That You Already Have! - Find Step-By-Step Instructions for Beginners to Make Delicious Café-Quality Drinks at Home!

Love coffee but don’t know how to make all the fancy drinks? Want to finally learn how to bring the coffee shop to your kitchen? This ebook has got you covered!

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • Over 200 delicious coffee recipes!: You’ll never have to get tired of drinking the same thing over and over again. From Mochas, to Iced Coffees, Dalgona, Espressos, and more!
  • Tips from professional baristas: Step your coffee game up and impress everyone that tastes your delicious drinks. You’ll also ensure that each batch you create will be perfect each time.
  • A no-fuss guide to making coffee at home: This is the best way for absolute beginners to get right into it! Learn how to cultivate, harvest, roast, and grind your own coffee.
  • Special cocktail recipes for after-hours: Unwind and relax after a long day at work with a delicious coffee cocktail that rivals your town's best bartender.
  • Delicious coffee-based desserts!: Go beyond just preparing coffee drinks with these desserts that will surely wow the crowd.
  • Super unique drinks you HAVE to try!: Step out of your comfort zone by trying out these specialty drinks! With recipes for Vietnamese Egg Coffee, Paprika Infused Coffee, Cotton Candy Coffee, and more!
  • Easy-to-follow instructions: Be guided every step of the way with step-by-step instructions so you can feel rest assured that you’re doing the right thing.
  • Recipes with simple ingredients: You’ll never have to worry about running to the store because you don’t have those fancy ingredients. These recipes use stuff you already have!
  • Soon enough, your house is gonna smell like the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans!

This ebook is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make delicious coffee at home.

You will receive the ebook soon after your subscription has been confirmed.


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